Program Information

Dear Ducks Family,

We have great news! We will be running Ducks Beach 2020.

The Gov’t of BC has issued a ministerial order protecting amateur sports against Covid-19 related litigation. Many volleyball clubs will now be protected liability wise under the new legislation, Volleyball BC has released their responsible Return to Play Plan. Please take a moment to familiarize yourself with this document as it is required and necessary to follow in order for everyone to return to volleyball safely.

We have put into place high level programming that meets all of the current requirements and helps keep our staff and participants safe. Athletes, coaches and families safety is the most important thing at this time. We are also hopeful that by following these guidelines and working together, we can help volleyball return safely.  At this time, Volleyball BC is allowing training that is focused on skill development and small group training (similar to small group private training sessions) as well as the following guidelines:

  • 2m socially distanced training & skill development
  • No blocking (can be trained in isolation)
  • No competitions that do not adhere to 2m social distancing requirements *we are very hopeful in the next few weeks volleyball will move on to the next transition stage which will allow game play within our groups and possibly within the club
  • 6 athletes per court maximum and 1 coach
  • No mixing of athletes between training groups
  • No gatherings of larger than 50 (limit spectators)
  • Adequate time allowance between training session
  • Enhanced cleaning protocols

Ducks Beach Program Structure

We have developed programs where athletes can build their skills and continue to train at the highest levels. We have also designed our programs so they can adapt and change to the fluid training guidelines throughout the summer. We will be running a 6 week – 12 session, 6 athletes with 1 coach, training program, that do not require tryouts.

If you have a partner/teammate(s) you would like to play with, you will be asked to submit up to 3 potential teammate(s) names during registration as we are limited to 6 athletes per group. You can also register as an individual. Space is extremely limited and we will do our best to place you in a training group with your requested teammates, however, groups will be decided based on ability and placement in a group is at the sole discretion of the Director of Ducks Beach. Your partner MUST register in time and obtain a space online. We cannot reserve space for athletes that were not placed when registering. Once programs are full, a waitlist will be created online.

Tentative Program Schedule

Dates and times for each age group will be posted on our website on Sunday June 21st.

Additional Training

As space and time allows, as well as demand and need, we may open additional training sessions to accommodate more athletes. It is essential to register immediately, as well as register on the waitlist.


Registration will open June 23rd at 6:00 pm. To save time and stress when registering PLEASE fill out the forms below prior to registering. With the new restrictions regarding liability and Covid-19, participants must fill out and submit the INDEMNITY AGREEMENT and HEALTH DECLARATION OF COMPLIANCE FORM prior to paying and registering in the program. Providing these forms ahead of time also gives participants time to carefully review the risks and considerations when deciding to participate in organized sport.

Covid-19 Protocols and Procedures

In line with viaSport and Volleyball BCs recommendations for returning to sport, we have developed a set of Protocols and Procedures to keep our staff and athletes safe. Please review our Safety Plan & Return to Play Information. Please be sure to review prior to registering.

Things to do before registration:

  • Check our website on Sunday, June 21st for updated information on:
    • Program dates and times
  • Fill out Indemnity Agreement and save a copy on your phone or device where you will be registering from.
  • Fill out the Health Declaration of Compliance form and save a copy on your phone or device where you will be registering from.
  • If you have a teammate in mind, you will need up to 3 different teammate names to submit when you register
  • If you do not have a teammate, that’s not a problem at all, you may register without a teammate

(updated June 20, 2020)