Return to Play

Return to Play and Covid-19 Safety Plan

The Government of BC has issued a ministerial order protecting amateur sports against Covid-19 related litigation. Many volleyball clubs will now be protected liability wise under the new legislation, Volleyball BC has released their responsible RETURN TO PLAY PLAN. Please take a moment to familiarize yourself with this document as it is required and necessary to follow in order for everyone to return to volleyball safely.  Also, please refer to our DUCKS’ RETURN TO PLAY PLAN for program specific planning.

We have put into place high level programming that meets all of the current requirements and helps keep our staff and participants safe. Athletes, coaches and families safety is the most important thing at this time. We are also hopeful that by following these guidelines and working together, we can help volleyball return safely.  At this time, Volleyball BC is allowing training that is focused on skill development and small group training (similar to small group private training sessions) as well as the following guidelines:

  • 2m socially distanced training & skill development and in-club play and modified games
  • Introduction of “In-club” Play & Modified Games:
    • No more than 8 individuals on court (4 per side). Games may be 1v1, 2v2, 3v3 or 4v4. Coaches do not count within these numbers providing that they maintain physical distance off the court. 
    • Teams should be predetermined for the duration of the program. 
    • Game play may involve up to 6 teams to a maximum of 24 participants during a program. 
    • During play, physical distancing should be maintained wherever possible. Organisers should consider spacing on the court and positioning of players in order to maintain physical distance. 
    • No unnecessary contact among participants (eg. handshaking, high fives, hugging etc). 
    • Blocking at the net is not permitted. 
    • All participants, coaches, and staff must practice physical distancing off the court. 
    • Formal or tournament-style competition is not permitted. 
  • No gatherings of larger than 50 (limit spectators)
  • Adequate time allowance between training session
  • Enhanced cleaning protocols

Following the guidance from Volleyball BC, viaSport and Worksafe BC, please refer to this page as a guideline for the measures the Ducks Volleyball Club will be taking to protect our staff and participants. 

Key Guiding Principles

  1. Participants, Coaches and Family Safety is paramount and at the forefront of all the decisions the Ducks are making to safely Return to Play. 
  2. Participants, Coaches and Families involved in Ducks training must understand and adhere to all public health restrictions and follow the structures put in place by Volleyball BC’s Return to Play.

Message from Volleyball BC:

When you choose to participate in physical activities outside the home during the pandemic – including volleyball – you are at an increased risk of contracting COVID 19. This is an inherent risk  in participating in non-essential activities in your community. Volleyball is considered a medium risk sport for COVID-19 because we share the use of a ball. Carefully assess your personal health situation before playing. If you are over 65 years, immunodeficiency-comprimised or have underlying health conditions, volleyball is not recommended. If you live with higher risk individuals, consider your participation carefully.

We are asking ALL participants, coaches and families to please carefully review all resources below prior to registering in our programs.

(Updated July 31, 2020)