New to Beach - FAQ's

Welcome to Ducks Beach Volleyball Club. The beach volleyball SEASON takes place every year with tryouts beginning in early May, until the beginning of August. Ducks Beach TRYOUTS take place throughout May, with TRAINING BEGINNING at the end of May. Tryouts occur to help identify and place as many athletes as possible for their skill level.

ALL skill levels are welcome.

TRAINING CONCLUDES at the BC Beach Provincial Championships, normally held the first weekend in August. Beach volleyball is an excellent way to continue learning, growing and improving throughout the summer, as athletes receive thousands of meaningful repetitions from elite coaches, while enjoying their summer. The Ducks offer EXCELLENT programs for ALL levels and abilities, with flexibility to accommodate the varying summer schedules of our athletes and families.  


Please contact Ducks Beach Director Bryan Gee if you have any questions:

Yes, absolutely, all athletes from all clubs are welcome, there is no need for an Athlete Release Form

Duck Beach Elite teams will have weekly 30 minute sessions, lead by specialized instructors. Performance coaches will help athletes reach their goals quickly and consistently through a comprehensive approach focusing on how athletes move and lifestyle choices.  They will work alongside the athletes to increase their movement quality, with the purpose of eliminating the risk of injury, while increasing their ability to jump higher, run faster, and endure longer.  The athlete mindset will extend beyond physical training, and also help create lasting lifestyle habits surrounding their purpose, mindset, recovery and nutrition. In the end, they will be moving well, living well and performing better.

Ducks Beach uses Team Snap to manage all of their teams and communicate with athletes and families. All Ducks Beach athletes should download the app and become comfortable with the program. The Ducks ask that you input accurate information (email addresses and phone number contacts), we also ask that you turn on notifications and SMS notifications.

All athletes desiring to participate on an Club, Academy or Elite Ducks Beach team must attend tryouts. The goal of the tryout process is to produce an accurate assessment and ranking of all eligible athletes in each age group, and place them into an appropriate Ducks Beach program based on their skill and ability levels.

*The “Play Down” rule is not applicable in beach volleyball *pending verification

*Athletes seeking to play up must seek approval, please email the beach director.

The process is as follows:

  1. The Selection Committee will oversee the tryout procedures and determine at its sole discretion, the recipient(s) who will be offered a position in each of the programs. Members of the Selection Committee are required to remove themselves from any discussions, rankings and voting if there exists a conflict of interest. The Selection Committee will consist of the Lead Coach for each age group, the tryout Lead Coach, and the Director of Beach, input from other supporting coaches will be taken into consideration. Ducks Beach Volleyball Club has delegated the Selection Committee the authority for all decisions regarding athlete identification and program placement.

  2. Identified Athletes will be contacted via email (Team Snap) regarding their placement within 72 hours from the end of their tryout.  The email will have information about the program that the athlete has been identified to, as well as a link to provide online payment. Athletes who have not been identified to a program will also be contacted via email (Team Snap) within 72 hours from the end of their tryout.  

  3. Athletes are asked to immediately respond to the email to either accept or decline their position. It is absolutely critical that athletes accept or decline their positions within 24 hours in order to ensure that all athletes receive effective communication regarding their placement in our programs. In the event that an athlete decides not to accept a spot in the program, the Selection Committee will select the next identified athlete.

  4. Attendance in tryouts is mandatory to ensure athlete placement – in rare cases when it is not possible to attend a tryout, an exemption can be requested by emailing In many cases athletes will be able to attend a tryout of a different age group if necessary, however if this is not possible, supporting material regarding the athlete’s athletic ability and volleyball experience will be required either in the form of an athletic resume, reference letter from a previous coach, or game footage.

Option #1 – Pay online through Team Snap

Once an athlete has been identified to a team, they will receive an email from Team Snap with instructions to complete and pay for the registration on the team they were placed on. Families can pay with Visa or Mastercard online.

Option #2 – E-Transfer

Once an athlete has been identified to a team, we will send an email through Team Snap with instruction to complete and pay for the registration through Team Snap or with complete instructions on how to pay by etransfer.

Option #3 – Cash / Cheque

If a family chooses to pay their season fees by cash or cheque, they must contact to arrange dropping off at the treasurer’s home address. Fee payment will not be accepted at practice.

In the case of severe weather, notifications regarding the cancellation of practice will take place 1 hour prior to the scheduled practice time via email (Team Snap).  Ducks Beach will train during mildly wet and cold conditions. The Ducks will attempt to create make up session, however, make up sessions will be based on court availability and weather conditions and are not guaranteed.

Ducks Beach Elite athletes must notify their coaches as well as updating their TeamSnap availability if they are not attending practice.

All other athletes are expected to update their TeamSnap availability so coaches may plan accordingly. As a courtesy we do recommend speaking to the coach to give them a heads up as well during the previous practice

The programs have been flexibly created to adapt to varying numbers of participants due to circumstances that come up in the summer. However, we also believe that attending as many sessions as possible is critical to your development.

It is club policy that refunds will only be given under extenuating circumstances. Return of the registration fee must be approved by the registrar and will be prorated if the sessions have already begun. Refunds are subject to:

  • a $30.00 cancellation fee
  • prorated amount, based on the amount of sessions elapsed
  • deduction of unrecoverable costs (i.e. facility fees, affiliation fees, equipment, etc.)

If you have any questions please email Bryan Gee:

Please register as soon as possible for tournaments.  They fill up very quickly.  Tournaments, and the organization of tournaments, are athlete and parent coordinated. CLICK HERE for Volleyball BC tournament and registration information.  We also host several tournaments called Play for the Cure, with all proceeds going to support Children with Cancer. Please consider supporting these tournaments, CLICK HERE for more information.

CLICK HERE for a list of beach volleyball rules and CLICK HERE for the Volleyball BC Code of Ethics

Junior Ducks Beach, Ducks Beach Development, Ducks Beach Club and Ducks Beach Academy are organized in a manner that you do not require a partner to train in practice. Please come to practice with or without a partner, as you will all train as one team.  It is also strongly advised that you use Team Snap to contact athletes on your team to find partners to play in tournaments. Due to circumstances in the summer, many athletes are away, it is a good idea to have several contacts to ask in order to find a partner to play with at a tournament. Ducks Beach Elite coaches and athletes will work together to create partnerships that will be successful together.  Ducks Beach Elite athletes should attend tryouts with a partner in mind, however, understand the final decisions regarding partners will be at the discretion of the coaching staff, and a decision will be made based on discussions by the athletes and coaching staff.

The Ducks will provide each athlete with t-shirt, athletic tank top and long sleeve shirt, that can be used when participating in tournaments. We encourage our athletes to wear Ducks Beach gear when at tournaments. They will arrive in 3-4 weeks after tryouts and distributed to the athletes.

Please bring a water bottle, and dress appropriately for the weather. During cold or rainy days, long spandex and long sleeve shirts are recommended. During hot days, sun glasses, sun block, tank top, hat and spandex/shorts are recommended. You may need to purchase sand socks for really hot days.

Any athletes/families seeking financial assistance are asked to contact 

Available Grants for Application

Kidsport Grant Application

Canadian Tire Jumpstart Application