Beach Teams

Welcome to Ducks Beach 2022. We are excited to offer quality training for you throughout the summer. During COVID-19, it is essential that you understand and read all of the documents that have been provided for you. Programming will be limited this summer. Please have all of the necessary documents ready to ensure your registration process is efficient and correct.

Skill Level

– Intermediate to Advanced – All athletes that are registering must have previous beach and/or indoor club team experience to register in this program.

– Beginner – Athletes who have only participated on school volleyball teams, development leagues, Atomic programs and similar or are new to the sport are considered to have limited experience, and are beginners. 

Club Release Forms – You do not need a club release to participate in Ducks Beach. Athletes from all clubs are welcome.

Partners | Teammates – You do not need to register with a partner in mind. Athletes and teams train together, partners are flexible throughout the season. You may register with 1-3 partners in mind, group placement is at the discretion of the Beach Director. We do our best to place athletes with one friend, but it is not guaranteed as groups are created based on skill and ability levels.

Space | Court Placement | Tryouts  – Space is limited, as there are restrictions on the amount of court availability. The first training session for each age group is used to group athletes based on skill and ability. Tryouts will be used in situations where registration exceeds program capacity. In a tryout situation, we will identify athletes into our programs, and seek to build additional programs based on need. If you have registered and paid and are not offered a spot on a team based on tryouts, your fee will be fully refunded. It is important that you register on the waitlist so we can determine where there is a need for additional programming.

Steps to complete prior to registration:

  1. Athletes and families are required to fully read and understand our RETURN TO PLAY AND SAFETY PLAN prior to registering in our programs.
  2. Fill out and save INDEMNITY AGREEMENT
  3. If you have teammates in mind, please have up to 3 names ready. You do not need to register with any teammates in mind, you will be placed in a group based on your ability 

Please fill out above forms prior to registering and save to the device you will be registering from to save time. These above forms will be collected for each team member after registration is confirmed and will not be required during the registration process.

*PRO TIPS – if you are registering from your phone, you can save a screenshot of the filled out and signed form to your images and upload the photo during the registration process

*Don’t have a printer? screenshot each page of the document – open the image on your iPhone and go to “edit” under edit, you can choose “markup” and sign the image manually – save to your phone and upload during registration

In addition to our return to play, we will be requiring athletes to self-screen before participating in any league play.

Our covid-19 protocols include the following:

  • all current PHO will be strictly adhered to

We will adjust all programming and league play as required should the Provincial regulations and our provincial sporting organization require any modifications

Participants must stay home if:

  • they don’t feel well or are displaying symptoms of COVID-19
  • someone in their household has COVID-19 or is showing symptoms of COVID-19
  • they have traveled outside of British Columbia within the last 14 days
  • someone in their household has traveled outside of British Columbia within the last 14 days
  • they have been in contact with a known/presumptive case of COVID-19 in the last 14 days


The Ducks’ policy is that no refunds will be given once programs have commenced. It is club policy that refunds will ONLY be given under specific extenuating circumstances. Return of the registration fee must be approved by the registrar and will be prorated if the sessions have already begun. Refunds are subject to:

  • a $40 cancellation fee
  • prorated amount, based on the amount of sessions elapsed
  • deduction of unrecoverable costs (ie. facility fees, affiliation fees, equipment, etc.)
  • refunds will not be given for sessions cancelled due to inclement weather or athlete missed sessions

If you have any questions, please email:


$ 365
+ GST & Teamsnap Fee
  • 16 - 17 x 1.5 Hr sessions
  • Ducks Beach Gear Package
  • Elite & Knowledgable Coaches
  • Small Group Training
  • Competitive & Fun Training Evironment
  • Location: Town Centre Beach Courts Coquitlam


  • 12U | 13U | 14U | 15U programs will be co-ed if there are not enough registered athletes of one gender to form a training group.
  • Program training times may vary from June to July, please look at program details prior to registering.
  • Partial program registration will not be accepted.
  • Partners: You do not need to register with a partner in mind. You may register with 1-3 partners in mind, group placement is at the discretion of the Beach Director. We do our best to place athletes with one friend for cohort safety reasons, but it is not guaranteed.
  • Dates & times may fluctuate as needed prior to program start.
  • Program structures may change due to Covid-19 - We appreciate your ongoing flexibility and understanding
  • IMPORTANT: Athletes who are not current VBC members will be required to purchase a recreational membership through VBC in order to participate. Cost is approx $12

Program Schedules

12U Male & Female | 2011 - 2010 born (Beginner - Intermediate)

13U Male & Female | 2009 born (Intermediate - Advanced)

14U Male & Female | 2008 born (Intermediate - Advanced)

15U Male & Female | 2007 born (Intermediate - Advanced)

16U-18U Female | 2006-2004 born (Intermediate - Advanced)

16U-18U Male | 2006-2004 born (Intermediate - Advanced)

13U-15U Male & Female| 2009-2007 born